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tv   [untitled]    September 9, 2011 3:01am-3:31am EDT

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eleven am in the russian capital good to have you with us here on r t our top story ice hockey in russia has been dealt a terrible blow that's being mourned in the country and across the world almost the entire lokomotiv team was wiped out when a plane crashed as they headed to a match in minsk where an emotional ceremony was held to honor the victims prestigious . fans held banners of scarves bearing the names of those who died in the crash as their portraits were placed on the ice in this ceremony do not have been locomotives opponents symbolically scored only goals as a mark of respect forty three people died on the plane forty two crashed after the take after taking off near the city of jaroslav all it's believed the aircraft failed to gain proper height and clipped an antenna near the runway two people
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survived the tragedy now being treated for serious burns and other injuries one player did manage to escape the ill fated ill fated flight because he wasn't on more the plane artie's sean thomas spoke to. the famous bells of ring out for a community grieving a chilling reminder of the tragedy of the country at the lives of some of the city's brightest stars. i knew many of the boys personally what can i say they were saints i can say this about many of them they were joyful people they loved life and they wanted to live so they brought so much joy into our lives. thursday marked the start of a three day mourning period as fans of the locomotive gathered and one of the city's central cathedrals watched i can't describe how i feel it's a very serious loss to me the only thing worse than that would be to lose my family
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they were like family to me. but as a support group of thousands work through their grief together one man. is going through his own personal nightmare he is the only member of the team not on board the fateful flight his coach told him to take the rest and meet the team for the next game in moscow. this is very terrifying for me the hockey team is like a family i lost a family of forty people people i was close to for such a long time. now maksim is supportive of rebuilding the locomotive franchise but is torn by survivor's guilt. i haven't met their families yet i can't imagine how that'll be this is horrible for me i wasn't thinking about whether i was lucky that i wasn't on that plane. and now he must rely on his community sharing in the grief process so that the healing can begin and as
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a steady stream of mourners continue to come to this central church to show their support it is clear that this is not just about an accident or a plane crash but it's about the loss of a team and something very important to a community that they will remember forever. thomas. locomotive was an international team and the griffin is being shared throughout europe hundreds gathered in the center of the czech capital prague to remember a lot of players chanting their names and lighting candles in their memory three czech nationals were aboard all former world champions top shagger ice hockey official and former national team coach. of a loss is incredible. it's hard even to talk about we've lost players in their prime but with the hard core of their national team i knew them very well and even though they were playing abroad still they were always trying to get better they can't just want to be part of a system they want to know the details of their positions and how to best school
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they took a huge interest in what they did i really enjoyed working with them. if you check out our web site the only hockey player to survive the. plane crash speaks to his family. despite having burns over ninety percent of his skin alexander gallop all remain conscious and insisted on seeing his relatives before going into intensive care doctors say his condition is stable plus. among the dead the youngest player on the team who despite being both injured and disqualified wanted nothing more than to be with his teammates a decision that ended up costing his life. and the recently married flight attendant who plan to quit the job and have a baby or her touching story many others could log on to hard to dot com. other news we're covering on r t confrontation between libyan rebels and procrit off the forces shows no sign of easing battles have been raging near the towns of
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sirte and bani walid two of the few remaining strongholds of the former regime forces loyal to the colonel fired from fired rockets from body while the and where to have cut off the sons are said to be leading the armed resistance this despite the interim government seeking to negotiate a peaceful resolution the deadline for the loyalists to lay down their arms has been extended to saturday as for the colonel and self in his latest audio message the ousted leader claimed he was still in libya and vowed never to leave his ancestors homeland meanwhile life in the libyan capital still struggles after falling into rebel hands with a celebratory mood quickly dampened with fears of anarchy setting in artie's marie if an ocean has more from tripoli. a city some of brain for more than ten days than even capital has been read joyce seeing in the dictator's full. he wanted to be who scored here in the central square for his rules for the second. we put our flag instead we won we're so happy without him.
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it seems in the last two weeks rebels. fighters have fired bullets in the air the first shot during this sort of tripoli early i'll get stuff all revealed to me now are very very forward. this is for gaddafi. gaddafi is it that or. he told old to be more lovely all the people of that we know you see love him all of us what a player that is and we don't want to get that big and that we're done all right with a lawyer but away from jubilant crowds we meet those who are not so pleased. him on leave and tripoli is slim district historically pro khadafi for the rebels arrived his sister was badly injured she's still in hospital in tunisia other one doesn't want to show his face on camera and ceased want to hidden location for the interview he says revolution has brought much fear in its wake. there is no peace
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there is no safety in the city we don't let our children outside when it's dark we are afraid we always wait for something bad when gadhafi was here at least we didn't have to sleep awake what we do know of the man says he also want to change and the brighter future for his country but not they sway. people are dying on both sides the cities destroyed and no one cares do they seriously think that they changed it for the better don't lie to yourself just look around is that what you wanted. and divorce is a round is a scene of widespread destruction and social chaos the badly damaged buildings matched by the rising stink of garbage and decomposing bodies. roam the streets barely old enough to understand that what they carry our weapons not toys many shops schools and hospitals are closed while the cities symmetries growing bigger
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and bigger. shortly after tripoli fell into rebel hands the national transitional council leave his new authority claimed it was moving here from benghazi but weeks have passed and there is sealed no sign of its presence on the ground zero of all the being raced towards the city functioning by south and treading a fine line between freedom and anik a. rigged notion of. tripoli libya. stay with us here on r.t. still ahead. president obama with his four hundred billion dollars jobs package with critics saying it doesn't go far enough plus. seeking membership palestine building up for september's vote that could grant the waterway that status as a u.n. member. but first russia is willing to support different approaches to resolve the
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situation in syria as long as they send signals to both sides of the conflict president dmitri medvedev made his position clear in an interview following the global policy forum in jaroslav all artes peter all over has more. president medvedev has warned against viewing the situation in syria in terms of good and seeing this careful consideration must be paid to certain elements within the syrian opposition before the international community. to dealing with them now the president have also called on both the assad government and the opposition to bring about an end to violence in the country. i believe the resolutions we would approve to send a strong message to the syrian regime should in fact we address to both sides things aren't just black and white the anti-government protesters in syria are not followers of some refined european models of democracy there are different groups within the opposition feel some of them are to put it straight extremists and some might even be called terrorists the situation is not that simple and we have to
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take into account the balance of different forces and interests of the russian they support moves but only if they don't boil down to the one sided condemnation of president assad we should send a strong message calling on all the conflicting parties to come to the negotiating table to start talks to stop the bloodshed this is in a also in russia's interest because russia has always been syria's friend and our countries have close economic and political ties that's why we'll continue to look for solutions to the situation in syria. well russia has opposed the sanctions that have been put in place on syria including the most recent ones imposing an oil embargo saying that more time should be given to the assad government to achieve the promises made to bring about change in the country the president mentioned there that negotiation is important and russia is playing its part as a mediator on friday representatives of the. the syrian opposition are in moscow
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for talks with top russian diplomats on monday representatives from the assad government will be here to talk to talk to diplomats to try and bring an end to this situation in syria. of course doesn't want to go see syria go down the same road as what happened in libya with the un resolution that was imposed the full abused. the international intervention going well beyond the parameters laid out in the days they want to see see a should bring a piece of that to syria. or he's peter all of our reporting from moscow you can see the full version of the interview president had to get it get medvedev gave to euro news television on our website r.t. dot com. images from nine eleven the still chilling even ten years after the attacks shook
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the world they triggered the war on terror but in a country that's been at the forefront of that conflict it can be hard to find people who remember why foreign troops arrived in the first place we continue our special coverage of the nine eleven anniversary with this report from i've got stuck. helmand in southern afghanistan is the province that was borne the brunt of the fighting between the taliban and coalition forces what would afghans in this war torn province think about nine eleven and its consequences. while on patrol with the marines i get a first opportunity to ask a couple of young afghan men what they know about nine eleven but. they never heard of can you show them a few more and can us do they know where it is we don't know so that's because because we are former we never heard about anything about the world. cup with. the two young men and clearly never heard of nine eleven. but maybe the elders at
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a local show would have more to say you know you see. this thing i just can see the smoke from the buildings and that's a that's only thing i can say when you guys show this picture saying it so i think that was a call if i just got here i would be surprised but having been here now for six months this is premised stone ages where we are and what to do about their reactions. so that the guy who said it was kabul was clearly never been to kabul and you just shows you how isolated they are even in their own country. you know you don't think you know you're going to come to this point and they get the airplane from here in the united states and you know how much. it was nice to go from iraq to then here is a lot easier to understand you know why you're here and where do you see at that if you know it's good picture minder so it's what you're there to see the afghans looking at it in this particular wearing the uniform of carrying
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a rifle. to back those. things that make and saying we're going to help you to discern one building and to destroy us how many funding and they say we're going to help you where is the help. work your way down with the missing to give it to our kids. going into the fighting and they do it for their own kids in it they put it i don't indeed and. i do sympathize or understand what some are saying it's even just from the weather we've had recently people losing their homes and nobody to help so you know when you have when you can feed yourself early house yourself how are you going to care about somebody you know six thousand miles away. so i can understand this this is ended up out of the top of the list with i never thought to ask those questions of anybody here so why we're here amazingly in a country where for ten years a war has been fought with nine eleven as its root cause and justification it turns out not only with the villages oblivious to nine eleven but soon with the afghan police and even some of the translators working with the u.s.
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military you don't know that is for you to see them not know. that you're seeing the faces of the full. survey taken in twenty ten by the international council on security and development found that ninety two percent of afghan men in helmand and other afghan provinces had no idea what nine eleven was with american troops that start with during this year it seems likely that they will leave afghanistan without the vast majority of afghans ever having really understood why they came in the first place adam puts from afghanistan. here to new our special coverage of the nine eleven anniversary over the next couple of days with reports and analysis on the attacks legacy a decade after a decade of the so-called war on terror. the terrorist attack that became synonymous with pure evil. the senseless slaughter of almost three thousand people stunned the world. and it all seemed like a nightmare. ten years. remembers the attacks
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and its aftermath. a look back at nine eleven. palestinians have started their campaign for statehood ahead of the september twentieth vote in the united nations but dr ron pundak chairman of the palestinian israeli peace forum believes that there are forces in both israel and palestine that would like the violence to erupt in the build up to the vote. you know what is happening between us and the pussy means we'll be judged by whether they would be along they seemed lines between the israeli forces and the palestinians and also between the police had immense with the they west bank but as much as i understand the interest of both sites is not to reach any. sites that provoke with the force and the strength of the two governments would be to try and calm down these
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provocations and not to be carried away by the. which would be to heat the area because they don't want to see quiet and quiet is a message for the future they hope for the peace. and these people don't want to see peace. pressure on israel builds from another direction turkey has vowed to sue the country an international court over its blockade of gaza this follows on camera cutting military and trade ties over israel's failure to apologize for killing nine turks last year they participated in a humanitarian flotilla that tried to break through the blockade imposed by israel in two thousand and seven after hamas came to power in the palestinian authority. the first funerals have been held in new delhi two days after a massive briefcase bomb exploded outside the city's high court twelve people were killed in the blast and dozens more injured indian authorities detained three men
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for questioning in the continuing investigation into the explosion the court bombing was the first major attack in india since twenty six people were killed by serial blasts in mumbai in two thousand and eight. nato has admitted its forces in afghanistan did mistakenly kill a b.b.c. reporter in july a u.s. soldier mistook the journalist for a suicide bomber when troops responded to a militant attack in the southern afghan town the alliance launched in. after questions were raised over initial reports the correspondent had been killed by taliban insurgents this amid the withdrawal of foreign troops from afghanistan that's expected to be completed by two thousand and fourteen. coming up the deadly legacy of war and the appalling illness it can cause for servicemen even long after they've returned home that's coming later in our special report. when you look for new.
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orleans with. president barack obama has presented his much anticipated jobs act to congress if you're marks more than four hundred billion dollars for putting people back to work but some critics say it's too little too late. explains . president obama addressed the lawmakers he put forward measures to create jobs and stimulate the sluggish economy at the u.s. has seen several years of massive job loss unemployment remains over nine percent we're talking about millions of people living jobless in this country congress might cut off unemployment benefits starting next year and the jobless in america will find themselves in an even more dire situation president obama in his address called for the congress to extend benefits for the unemployed he also suggested tax
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incentives for small businesses another measure he put forward is giving money we're talking about one hundred forty billion dollars to states and local governments so that they can keep you know the teachers and firefighters employed also hire infrastructure workers so that those workers can go out and spend money and keep the consumption going although experts are saying that the stimulus plan obama is suggesting will not really bring the u.s. economy out of the woods because it will create in the best scenario around one and a half million jobs but it takes eleven million jobs new jobs just to get back to the pre recession level there's a lot of skepticism out there in congress many lawmakers are not happy with obama's spending plans while obama is not happy with the lawmakers unwillingness to compromise what's frustrating to many here is that this package of one hundred forty billion dollars in direct stimulus is being debated so fiercely where is the bill giving nearly a trillion dollars
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a year on defense purposes and on wars gets passed easily and quietly that surely leaves many americans really frustrated about their representatives on. what a national consulting richard asco says obama shows a lack of political strength even though he claims to play hardball. look the housing crisis alone took six point seven trillion dollars out of this economy there are twenty five million people unemployed or underemployed so yes we need to be pretty aggressive and as for the president again look i'm glad he's talking about jobs he should have done it before but even when he says i'm going to be bold and take a firm stand he does seem to say to the other side would you like my firm stand by throw in some things that you like to is that not too firm so i think we've reached the point where we have to say look this is the beginning this is just the start if it passes if it doesn't pass then it's clear that republicans want to sell the country out for as they are electoral chances next year rick out of our headlines
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coming your way in a few minutes but first the latest business news with dmitri. thanks man alone a warm welcome to business r.t. the guess disputes between russia and ukraine is reaching breaking point still insists on low prices moscow says it's raids negotiate but the basics of the agreements will not be changed. we are ready to discuss different ways to cooperate with ukraine including ukraine joining the customs union or our investment presence in ukraine's economy and into gas transportation network if we agree on these we might be ready to change our scheme of cooperation but either way it will be based on a pricing formula i hope that our ukrainian partners will follow the existing contract and for the immediate future we'll agree on that. fears of another global downturn coupled with sovereign there were as have put a damper on russia's privatization plans among the biggest the states could
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postpone the sale of a seven point six percent stake in burbank the biggest lender the current market volatility has resulted in twenty percent declines and then there's share price melbourne that says he believes the government could implement another strategy to help privatisation stay on course i think it's not just in russia the people are persuading potations it's clearly a global phenomenon in which a single russian took that as a result of that there are other ways of doing that so for example one clever idea might be if the government were to take these possibles that they were thinking of privatizing and inject them into a pension fund for example which would kill two birds with one stone on one hand it would give a very large amount of capital to a pension fund of the other hand it would actually make the market i think quite enthusiastic because it would give internal domestic sources of long term capital and indeed internal domestic pressure to increase heals and returns and dividends so that might be one. clever solution to to try and get round that issue. for the
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first time a foreign investor may come to russia's pipe making industry the country's furred largest manufacturer of steel pipes shell five is in talks to sell around twenty five percent stake to a french company while rock commerce and daily says the deal worth four hundred million dollars is expected to be completed in october chel pipe have long been struggling to attract investment and paid debts to further fund development russian company made two attempts to raise capital with a public offering but had to cancel the plans due to uncertainty in the markets. speaking of which the commodity markets oil is on the rise after obama proposed the jobs act worth more than four hundred billion dollars to jolt the troubled u.s. economy brant blend is just under one hundred fifteen dollars per barrel light suites just over eighty nine. now to stock markets in asia they are mixed yet again in hong kong stocks are supported by chinese data showing consumer inflation
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cooled slightly in august financials are on the rise h.s.b.c. one of the biggest gainers the nikkei slipped into negative territory following a revision of japan's april to june g.d.p. to a lower level construction linked. broadly lower. now here is the one half hours of trading the r.t.s. and my six are seeing profit taking around half a percent this if we take a look at the main movers on the my six we'll see that. is burberry is down three quarters of a percent that's after posting a one hundred fifty five percent increase in net profit for the first eight months of the year that's under russian accounting standards non-performing loans have continued to decrease at the back but the level still double the market average o.-g. k three generating electricity company is trading in positive territory the company has returned to profit in the first half of the year after a loss this time last year paul is gold is on the rise. he's on stronger gold
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prices. now so far september has been a month over a spike for the stock markets compared to a heavy selloff in the previous month however it is too early to celebrate says chris we've heard from troika dialog even leave stocks risk of having an even bigger slump in october october is always the most dangerous month in global equity markets historically that's when investors conference capitulate and we're heading into very similar and therefore dangerous periods in this october confidence is clearly very fragile if the economic indicators in early october are bad we are vulnerable to another october selloff and i think particularly when we start seeing the third quarter financial results from the u.s. banks i think that's going to be a very critical period if those numbers are bad or if the banks you know start talking much more negatively than they have been about the environment i think that could undermine confidence and we could have an october crash so we're very
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vulnerable to an october crash this year more than any other year in the last ten years. the headlines with matt to say. wealthy british.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy. global financial headlines to name two. emission free couldn't take should be free. or charges free coming from and free. three stooges free. old free broadcast plug in video for your media projects a free media. tom. for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers.
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a lot on thirty am in moscow the. grief in the air service is held in russia and across europe for the victims of wednesday's plane crash that killed. almost all of one of russia's greatest ice hockey teams forty three people died as the plane crashed moments after takeoff near the city of jaroslav. president medvedev urges both sides of the conflict in syria to come to the negotiating table and interview after the global policy forum a. russian leader also warned against a one sided approach and confirmed russia's willingness to help stop the bloodshed . in libya fierce fighting resumes would mean rebels and gadhafi forces with battles raging near two of the few remaining strongholds of the fall of redeem this comes just a day before saturday's deadline for a list to lay down their arms. up next peter lavelle and guest discuss how the nine eleven attacks transformed the world's politics artie's cross-talk coming up.

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